Celebrating 25 years


This BMW was totaled in an accident. It has been rebuilt and customized from the ground up

  <p>It's a little over a year before my daughter turns 16. I want to get her something nice to drive, maybe do a little custom pinstripe etc. I find the perfect car at the salvage auction. It's very clean except for looking like it was run over by a dump truck. Has front/ side air bags etc., so&nbsp;I buy the car and get ready to start repairs. The car will be a surprise gift.&nbsp;Over dinner one night, I ask my daughter what colors she likes on cars, trying to decide on pinstripes. Turns out, she likes pretty much every color under the sun. &quot;Oh, except, the only color I really don't like, is silver&quot;........!!</p>
  <p>Beginning repairs, customizing.. and color change!</p>
Outer panels removed revealing major unibody/ structural damage. Will need to replace roughly the 1/4 of the unidbody

  <p>Beginning preliminary pulls</p>
Winshield and door removed for pulls to pillar/ removing buckle in roof panel
Instrument panel removed for repairs to pillar, revealing extensive damage to the inner pillar and firewall. These panels will require replacement also
A-pillar removed. Completing pulls to cowl/ firewall area
Pulls complete. Panel will have to be sectioned, which will require removal of the engine/ transmission assembly for access
Transmission mounts broken from the severity of the impact
Engine, transmission and front suspension removed
Recycled unibody section purchased due to the number of panels in need of replacement
Replacement inner structure trimmed and installed. At this point it was decided that since the car is this far disassembled, we'll go ahead and gut it and change the color, painting the jambs/ compartments etc.
Applying seam sealer and corrosion protection at newly welded seams
Painting of engine compartment/ front unibody complete. Beginning reinstall of engine and suspension
Replacing damaged engine cover/ components
Engine, transmission reinstalled. New radiator support installed
Replacing damaged struts and suspension components
Front suspension repairs complete
All panels removed for color change. Interior gutted, because hey, if we're going this far, might as well get rid of the ugly maroon interior. . This project seems to be morphing a bit
Headliner and sunroof removed
Test fitting replacement panels
Panel fitting complete. Panels removed for painting of jambs. Sheet metal repairs complete. Beginning prep for primer coat
Primer coat applied. Beginning prep for refinishing of rear body section. This will be done seperatly to eliminate masking lines in the door jambs
Painting of luggage compartment complete
Applying custom &quot;Pink Pearl&quot; black basecoat
Clear coat applied
Mapping/ drilling holes for custom deck wing install
Luggage lid painted/ installed. Custom &quot;Black out&quot; tail lamps installed
Beginning reinstall of intrument panel
Panel reinstalled, but you know, we're already doing custom paint and interior, so that wood grain just isn't going to fly.. Right?
Wood grain trim pieces removed for custom 'Pink marble&quot; painting
Parts prepped, black basecoat applied, silver base applied over this and 'Marbled&quot;
Custom pink tinted clear base applied, clear coat applied over this. Will be sanded smooth, then clear coated one final time
Disassembling trim panels for color change. Will be spraying a custom matched dye
Side panels dyed to match new custom seats
Trim panels ready for reinstall
Custom new seats back from the trim shop and ready for reinstall
New windshield and rear glass reinstalled
Jambs of replacement panels painted. Panels media blasted to remove excessive paint film build. Fenders cut for install of custom M3 fender grilles
Sheet metal repairs complete. Primer coat applied. Since we've gone this far, we should install a custom Sarona body kit.. Right?
Fitting custom &quot;Angel eye's&quot; projector head lamps
Test fitting bumper covers. We know well that &quot;body kits&quot; typically do not fit too well and require a lot of modification. Stepped up and bought a top of the line Sarona kit to avoid this. Should have stuck with the cheap kit!
Cutting, trimming, fitting bumper covers. 'Shaving&quot; rear marker lamp openings.
Bumper repairs/ fitting&nbsp;complete
Fabricating custom fog lamp mounting brackets
Basecoat applied to front body section
Laying out custom &quot;Tribal flame&quot; design
Spraying the first of three layers that will make up the custom &quot;Pink Kandy&quot; flames
Silver&nbsp;&quot;ground coat&quot;&nbsp;applied
Applying custom pink tinted base clear over the silver
Pink candy applied. Will come back and spray the flame tips silver
Fender grilles disassembled. Spraying to match the flames
BMW badges prepped/ sprayed with the pink kandy
Flames unmasked. Rhino's applying the final clear coat
Color sanding/ polishing of the new clear coat complete. Hand painted pinstriping and lettering applied
Windows tinted, new custom wheels and tires installed
Cutting/ fitting body kit side skirts
Body kit primed for the first of three times. Block sanding to straighten for painting.
Body kit painted. Beginning install
Body kit installed. Sanding/ polishing new paint
New JVC multi-media station installed.
Customizing rear package shelf for install of 12&quot; JL subwoofer and amplifier
Interior reinstalled
Project complete!!
Happy Birthday!!

Mapping/ cutting openings for custom “M3” fender grilles.
1st Car show. Street Tuner Mayhem, Bandimere Speedway
Winner! Best Appearing in Class
Winner, Again! Best Female Ride
9843 Titan Court • Littleton, CO • 80125